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No problem. And keep on making great homebrew! :) Felix123 16:55, 16 April 2008 (PDT)


You've got a pretty good version going on here! I like that I don't have to do the hold 1+2 thing to connect. Although I can't get screenshots to work, but I must be doing something wrong. Also, why did you map the Start and Select buttons opposite from every other version? That's just going to throw me off. --Phred 02:42, 2 July 2008 (CEST)

In fact, while I thought I did everything right, the Snapshot deal doesn't seem to work at all. Nothing happens... --Phred 04:44, 2 July 2008 (CEST)

I cant get your new version fceu ultra (20080712) to work properly the (demo) rom appears I hit home then I get something that looks like a interface with missing parts and text. July 24 08 By Brainy142 Ps. Your older version works great. pps. your new interface looks like it's good.

Maybe it's a problem loading the files? There should be /apps/fceu on the SD card. I'm working on a completely new thing now -- FCEU, Snes9x, and GenPlus all with one interface. (Hopefully an interface that works, this time!) :) -aksommerville

Hmm... Interesting... Are you going to use snes9x 1.50 of 1.43? Imagine having netplay or something...

Netplay would be so cool, it hurts! -ak

If you want 1.50, you can use the open source emulator by michniewski link:

FCEU Famicom Disk support?

I wanted to ask if you had any plans to include support for the disk system that was released on famicom? It has many great games and is supported on the pc editions of FCEU. -corey89

P I'd never even heard of it! If it's supported in FCEU, I'll definitely be taking a look at it. Extra peripherals, state saving, and netplay are huge priorities for my next release. BTW, don't hold your breath -- I'm doing a lot of GX experimenting right now, kind of off on a tangent. But yeah, I'll look into the famicom disk sooner or later. :) -aksommerville

That's good to hear, Famicom Disk System has some amazing games, and has some extra channels for music so has some known games with different soundtracks, it's a much needed feature for the emulator. Do you have any plans for other emulators, maybe for Commodore or Amiga, which haven't been picked up yet? -corey89

Commodore would be really cool, but I'd have to find some source. Amiga, don't count on it (I've never used one, so it's not all that interesting personally). Mostly I'm looking to get NES, SNES, GameBoy, and Genesis. Hehe, and even that is probably more than I can handle. :) -aksommerville