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Waits for Miight... & Is so very happy for having Frodo emulator on Wii.

Completed Giddy 3 16.02.2008 on one session with 6 lives left.

Around 10-20 of August, I've figured out how to read all necessary incoming data from the Wii Taiko Drum controller using glovepie. It seems that Taiko No Tatsujin isn't using the full potential of the controller, as it turned out that there were a possibility of 16 different key presses... (15 if you don't count the state when none of the 'buttons' are pressed ;)) When i'm done with the investigations i'll post the script somewhere around teh internets. WID..

13 of September I found out that if you have been trying to play Golden sun: The Lost Age with more recent versions of Visual Boy Advance, the framerate is terrible, but the version 1.01 runs it allmost perfectly! :o