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I doubt I said anything worth clicking my name for, so what are you doing here? Oh well.

Check the userboxes for a (very) quick rundown, see below for more detail.


I don't actually have a Wii, but I have installed homebrew software on both my brother's and my wife's. The former is an older model (purchased shortly after Australian launch), homebrewed with Bannerbomb, and compatible with BootMii, which is currently running System Menu 4.1, as the last "safe" version. I've also StartPatched in some extra functionality such as the option to move the Disc Channel (although I haven't actually used it, I just don't like being locked in). My wife's Wii is a newer model (purchased early 2009, in the USA, and homebrewed with the Twilight Hack) and so BootMii had to be installed as an IOS on that one. For security's sake, preloader is installed, and the system is still running on 3.2. On both systems, I use WiiSCU when it's necessary to update channels without updating the system as a whole.

For homebrew, I mainly run emulators (primarily DOSBox Wii, FCE Ultra GX, Frodo, Genesis Plus, SMSPlus, Snes9x GX, Visual Boy Advance GX and Wii64) with the odd bit of MPlayer CE if I ever want to watch media on a TV rather than my netbook screen.


  • My Tumblr, where I blow off my information glut