TypeComputer emulator
Loads files from the Front SD slot


WiiDos is a x86 Dos emulator that allows you to play dos games on systems that were not made to run DOS or on newer Operating Systems that are not compatible with DOS.

WiiDos is being made without Wii-Linux instead it is going to be made with the libSDL port to the Gamecube for devkitPPC. It might end up being made with Wii-Linux if it turns out to be easier.

It seem that SDL doesn't like me. I will be converting the SDL code into GX. If anyone knows about SDL or GX coding then please help out. Hopefully the problem is because I don't know a lot about SDL and there is something I need to fix. If anyone would like to help me with this project email me at vader347@gmail.com. Help is needed.

SVN doesn't like me. Until I start working with somebody else I will just upload the latest source here. It is a broken mess right now so just wait until I can get a little farther.


I have all the testers I need

1. Vader347

2. MStatic

3. DooDle

4. Muzer

5. Pinball Wizard

6. Blazingwolf

7. DasBaUm

8. Quu

9. Octoroks

10. ThomasWii


  • After all of my testers say it works you will get a release.
Step Status Coder
Compiling and linking Complete (It's just a black screen) Vader347
SDL to GX (Time for me to learn GX) Not complete Vader347
libfat support Not complete Vader347
Test games and fix video/sound Not complete Vader347
Joystick using wiiuse Not complete CloneDeath
IR as mouse Not complete Vader347
Keyboard (libosk and USB) Not complete Vader347
Extras (USBMSD, net play, etc.) Not complete Vader347