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{{lowercase title}}
{{lowercase title}}
{{Userbox lang|en}}
{{Userbox lang|hex}}
{{Userbox code|C}}
{{Userbox code|Asm}}
{{Userbox code|Py}}
{{Userbox code|Pl}}
{{Userbox code|ObjC}}
{{Userbox code|Sh}}
{{Userbox dev|Mac}}
{{Userbox dev|Lin}}
{{Userbox developer}}
| id      = > 9000
| id-c    = #88CCFF
| id-fc    = #223340
| id-s    = <includeonly>20</includeonly>
| info    = This user has wasted ''> 9000 hours'' hacking on their Wii.
| info-c  = #ffffff
| border-c = #44AAFF
{{Userbox Trucha}}
{{Userbox bootmii}}
It's trap15, not Trap15. Stupid wiki.
== General ==
I have a fair experience with programming.
You probably knew me before as [[User:SquidMan|SquidMan]], but those times are gone.
My blog, which is now updated frequently, is located at [http://daifukkat.su/ http://daifukkat.su/].
I hang out on IRC in EFnet, FreeNode, EsperNet and Rizon, so you're more likely to catch me there than anywhere else.
Go look for mini-broadway ;)
I no longer use GitHub, instead I have my own Gitweb server at [http://git.daifukkat.su/ http://git.daifukkat.su/].
== Greetz ==
*Everyone on [[HACKERCHANNEL]]
*[[Team Twiizers]]
*[[WiiBrew:Team Twizzlers|Team Twizzlers]]

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