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WiiDrawing.svgWell, I plan on becoming proficient in C++ as well as maybe some Windows API (because that's like a new language on its own). I would also like to develop something decent for the Wii, and I have a project I'm starting (WiiMoveIt), but it will probably take most of the summer for me to get it to work right. As for my programming background; I have no background. I started self-teaching through and tutorials in February of 2009. After getting the basis of C/C++ I now also learn from looking at source code.

WiiDrawing.svgWell as for Wii HomeBrew... I read about it a few months before January of 2009, but never did anything. Then, in January, after renting the infamous Zelda game for the Wii and using the Twilight Hack v0.1beta1, I got homebrew while at my grandmother's house. Much thanks to Team Twiizers and anyone who helped with Devkit Pro.

#include <iostream>
#include <time.h>

using namespace std;

time_t start_time, cur_time;

int main()



    while((cur_time - start_time) < 3);
    return 0;


LicenceNoShittyLicense v1.0
[N/A Download]
(Code Only; For Help/Corrections) Source


WiiDrawing.svgSome inspiration from WarioWare: Smooth Moves. It will be somewhat based on that game in that there will be many mini games and possibly bosses (probably a few at first) to play in a short time. The games will be very random, and some will be simple and others complex. Eventually I'll allow people to submit their mini games and include it in the main project, but this could be a few months from now (or weeks). I'm having to get use to the Wii and functions and such.

WiiDrawing.svgAlso I have another side project, since WiiMoveIt doesn't always work, called GRiiD. It's very simple and will be a boss game to incorporate into WiiMoveIt eventually. I might release it before WiiMoveIt seperately for the heck of it. It's a very simple grid based game that will read the layout from a text file. This is also a test for me to see if I can get some homebrew working... And then there's the idea of a simple emu loader...

WiiDrawing.svgIf you have any suggestions, then place them in the WiiMoveIt suggestions spot on my discussion page.


Some images so far (some are in-game screen shots and others are just some game menus, etc. for now):


Others will be added when I add the screen capture function again (GRRLIB Screen Capture Function)...

Old Menu Screen Glitch:

Oldest Images (Originals)

Incomplete Credits Page/Intro:

Incomplete Game Menu:

Old Images (Originals Redone)

Menu (new menu for now):

Incomplete Intro (many more names will be added):

Newer Images

Menu 1 (Lights Off):

Menu 2 (Lights On):

Newest Images (Permanent Until Otherwise)

Menu 1 (Lights Off):


What You Will See if You Win a Game:

The pointer also responds to "Lights On"/"Lights Off", but you can see it later. And yes, it's simply a color-inverted image as are the menus.


WiiDrawing.svgJust about everything is being made by myself, so it's gonna be a while before a release. I will, however, release a demo for feedback after I get five (5) games working. Currently there is no sound, multiplayer, or a few other things. If you want to help, then drop me a line on my discussion page.

WiiDrawing.svgOnce I get this game on its way I will let people make games, music, videos, etc. for it. First, I would like to get it mostly done before I get too much hype for it. Also realize that I'm still a novice coder, so it won't be a studio quality game. After releasing a few versions it should be a pretty cool game, though.

WiiDrawing.svgAlso you can track some problems and look at source code (for the heck of it):


Image Corruption During Runtime

Make Error with GRRLIB


Program not Working:,22688

IR Cursor Problems,20968,21240


WiiDrawing.svgIf you want to help, then drop me a line on my discussion page. If you want to help the following things I need help with:


WiiDrawing.svgA simple working example of playing music. I've been unable to find help on the WiiBrew forums, looking at source code, and libwiigui doesn't include all the headers I need (relating to the playback of .OGG files). A simple example would be appreciated. Also I might need help troubleshooting because mp3player.h doesn't work correctly when I include it. I'd also like to know how to properly use load_dol_image(*void, struct __agrv *argv) or something like that.


WiiDrawing.svgI will need some people to test the program, but that will be a while from now. Also someone make it work more efficiently (or get some parts working), so I can release it a lot quicker. All my projects will be in C++ (or C if you only know it). I will also need someone to help with the fixing the program (because of the code not working right).


WiiDrawing.svgI need someone to make some original music, but this is at the bottom of priorities.