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Here is my latest production: LoZEng. It stands for Legend of Zelda Engine and is pronounced "lozenge", like the german camoflage technique and the cough sweet.

The engine is based on SDL so that builds can be tested on both PC and Wii and so that games can be ported over to several consoles. The engine will be VERY Zelda centric BUT I will release a pre-final version which has no Zelda implementations.

I am making this engine because I feel that currently there is no cross-platform game engine specifically made for the Wii, most of the Wii controls can be emulated on the PC by using a mouse and keyboard. The engine uses a slightly similar system to the LibWiiGui demo which had given me several inspirations.

The engine's main purpose will be to serve as a SDK for my game: The Legend of Zelda: Lost Chapters of Hyrule, which is based on one of my english assignments. I hope that my homebrew contributions will radically change its corporate perception as: evil, money stealing and useless. The purposes of the SDK will be revealed in time. (Hint: Its not directly for the game!)

I hope that the engine will allow many newbies to grasp Wii programming without having to delve through hundreds of lines of code but at the same time develop knowledge of the Wii's graphics system so that they can adapt the engine to their own needs.

Current Progress

  • Graphics core is complete
  • Basic input is complete (implemented externally from lib)

Current Todos

  • Finalise standards for graphics core
  • Develop basic input core
  • Develop documentation MANUALLY (not that junk that comes from doxygen)

Forseeable releases

  • Alpha version of engine to be released as soon as current todos are completed