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'''*Where to start*'''
The only known web browser for the wii is Opera. The version of the browser is 9.30. It has Macromedia Flash Player 7 support.
And yes this is all obvious facts. Well my goal is not just to get java in the wii, but to upgrade the current flash player from 7 to 8. Why not 9? I currently have Flash 8 Professional installed and I noticed how glitchy flash 9 compared. There will be tons of bugs if I attempt to put Flash 9 on a video game console.
I will not risk placing custom files into my wii or anyone elses. So instead I will create a simple browser. When I am done
with the simple browser I will "inject" plugins into it. Now it isn't truly that easy. Firstly I would have to create a folder
which would have a collection of Java decoding files as well as Flash Player files. These files will be in the background
of the software and will only be initiated when they are needed. The java version will not be the latest.
'''*Obvious Bugs*'''
Of course there will be plenty of freezing and memory lack during the closing of Java plugins and opening of them. As well as with the Flash Plugins. And also if there are flash plugins and java plugins on the same page there will be a total crisis. Currently my solution does not involve improving performance but it will stop a lot of freezing. My browser would send a notification if there are both plugins running on the same page and would give you a choice to either run java plugins or flash plugins or both. If the wii freezes for any reason it will immediately return you to the homebrew loader.
Well since there will be a browser I decided I would put some features into it. First of all I decided to make it possible for file downloading if you have an SD card. This feature will be created in the next version after the initial release. There will be bookmarks. Most of the features in the opera browser will be useable in my browser...
THANKS!!! expect release several weeks... what do you think about my project?

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