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Im just a normal high school student, no skill in programing. (unless you count the web browser I made awile ago, which doesnt even work) I know a mediocre amount of adobe photoshop (Currently running CS3) and dreamwaver 8. I know absolutely no codeing/programing what-so-ever (honestly, I want to learn but being a high school student really eats my time) I really enjoy the homebrew community, especially with the wii.

Contact me

If anyone one would need to contact me for any reasons, drop me a line at

My web page:


you can E-mail me at:

My Work

Currently just making logos, if anyone wants a logo done, ill do it in my spare time.


This is just a section I wanted to write all my ideas for homebrew down on.

1. Be able to play music off an iPod? (in my opinion, that would be awsome.)

2. Wireless Multi-Boots for the DS?

Thats it for now, hope my ideas becomes a reality.