Wii Puckmen (Working title)
TypeArcade game

Wii Puckmen (Working title)

A Pacman clone for Nintendo Wii.

Great assistance found!

080827 2flower ist joining the project. Hey, let's have brainstorm about ghost ai ;)))

GFX ported to Wii SDL (080830)

Do you have any experience with the SDL library on Wii? Seems that SDL speed on Wii is 1/4 of PC speed. Normal or bug in my code?

Contact ratherbeerbrew[at]gmx.net

State of development (080901)

Done ToDo
Puckman movement Chaser ghost ai works (80%). Whatch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv8w8EZvnAg
Bad looking graphics Good looking graphics
Puckman / Wall collision detection Sound
Ghost / Wall collision detection Puckman / Ghost collision detection
Building maps (first level ready) SD card
Wiimotecontrol   Scoresystem
SDL GFX Intro / Outro
Other ghost ai

Controls (080822)

  Puck Up
  Puck Down
  Puck left
  Puck Right