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{{Userbox homebrew browser}}
{{Userbox homebrew browser}}
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{{Userbox code|C}}
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Hello, I'm pinecone. I have an off-topic blog [http://www.philosorism.wordpress.com here].
Hello, I'm pinecone. I have an off-topic blog [http://www.philosorism.wordpress.com here].

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Hello, I'm pinecone. I have an off-topic blog here.

So far, I've done the following stuff (in chronological order - newest at bottom):

  • HBCXMLGen for generating the XML files required for the HBC written in Java
  • WiiStrobe for generating multiple seizures (at least I hope not - please do not use if you are affected by flashing images!)
  • Colorhelper - a very short .h file which defines 19 colours and their hex codes
  • DevkitOSXInstaller to install DevkitPPC r16 - use at own risk! (for Russians only)
  • MyLittleBall, the fun game for all the family!

And given up on the following stuff:

  • Trivial Pursuit for Wii, which will probably be soon renamed to 'WiiTrivia' once we get our act together. If you'd like to submit some trivia questions to our project, just click here to go to our lovely online form!
  • A sense of decorum