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How Octoroks was born

Once upon a time, when a user first went on the irc. What network will be his first adventure?. Efnet of course. But this user could not use his full username!!! Whats the username you may ask, its Adamisgood36. All that showed up was Adamisgoo, that sounded bad. What about AdamisGOD, it may be true, but people will get pissed. After beging obsesed with youtube poops, especially the quote "i'm so hungry I could eat a Octorok". After trying many stock names including Octamo and even Adam36, but none of that seemed right. One day while this user was sleeping he had a vision, this vision has nothing to do with the story. Then one day this user thought "Octoroks are awsum". Thus Octoroks was born!


Well now you want to contact this said user? If so you should most likly contact this said user with this email address:


If you spam this said user, I will fucking kill you