User:Navarr/HBC Repository Suggestion

HBC Repository Suggestion

I have come up with an interesting idea for the Wii Homebrew Channel Repository that would keep all items organized properly.

Any homebrew uploaded to the repository would have to meet the following conditions:

  • Have a unique identifier (name) such as "QUAKE" or "ASTEROIDS", or possibly a naming convention similar to the Wii's.
  • Must allow use of the Wiimote
  • Must have a WORKING Return to Loader Method
  • wii/apps/UID/meta.xml - HBC Formatted Meta File
  • wii/apps/UID/icon.png - HBC Sized Boot Icon File
  • wii/apps/UID/boot.dol - Wii Formated Executable
  • wii/data/UID/FILES - Where all files specific to the application would be stored.

For Emulators, they should also meet the following conditions:

  • SID = System Identifier (System being Emulated, a common identifier such as NES SNES GBA GBC)
  • wii/roms/SID/boot - Where Rom Files are Located in a common format.
  • wii/roms/SID/save - Where Rom Saves are Located in a common format.

This could be something like the Wii Shop Channel?

This could be setup like an Aptitude repository system? Comments on the talk page please.