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I will fill out more about my dev work later (the little that there is)

Also check out my Homebrew Channel Repository Suggestion!


Title Version Description Peripherals Creator DL Source
GuitarDemo 0.1 Basic Les Paul Controller Demonstration     Navarr Included
PoKéQuesT - Pokémon MMORPG     Navarr Not Yet Not Yet
WiiBrew Internet API A Series of Internet HTTP XML APIs for storing data that can be used by homebrew   Navarr Not Yet

File System

Page Talk Description
/HBC Repository Suggestion talk Suggestion for a Homebrew Channel Repository (like aptitude)
/PoKéQuesT talk Pokémon MMORPG (Currently proof of Concept) (w/ GRRLIB)
/WiiBrew Internet API talk HTTP POST Internet API System in Development for Homebrewers who want to use Multiplayer or Leaderboards without their own hosting