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{{Infobox homebrewapp
<p align=right>
| title      = WiiMail
| image      =
| desc        = POP/SMTP Client For Wii
{{Userbox Wii|1}}
| type        = Application
{{Userbox DSi|2}}
| author      = [[User:Matando|Matando]]
| display    =
{{Userbox system menu|4.0}}
| download    =
{{Userbox wiilanadapter}}
| source      =
{{Userbox sdcard|4gb}}
| peripherals =
{{Userbox sdcard|1gb}}
{{Userbox homebrew channel|1.0.6}}
{{Userbox bootmii}}
{{Userbox Twilight Hack}}
--[[User:Matando|Matando]] 20:35, 18 July 2008 (CEST)
The Connect and Login code is Complete(Pop Only). But I can't Connect without ssl support.  I've been trying to port openssl for a while now and have had very little luck.  Please, If anyone would like to contribute by helping me port openssl to the wii please contact me at [mailto:matand009@gmail.com matand009@gmail.com].
{{Userbox code|C}}
{{Userbox dev|Win}}
{{Userbox dev|Lin}}
Also I would like some assistance with adding usb keyboard support to make the xml config file optional(security reasons).
You would have to know what you're doing as I will be programming a on screen keyboard with libosk(for if you don't have a usb keybord. Once Again you can contact me at [mailto:matand009@gmail.com matand009@gmail.com].

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