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About me

Hi there! This is marcan, aka marcansoft, aka Hector Martin. I can be reached at

I'm currently working on this Wiki, and on reverse-engineering the Wiimote and writing a Linux driver for it.

marcan and the Wii

  1. First I found out about the Wii
  2. Then I tried getting a Wii (and failed)
  3. Then I tried again (and succeeded)
  4. Then I played for a while
  5. Then I hacked the Wiimote :)
  6. Then I went back home, and used the Gamecube power supply for the Wii
  7. Then I plugged it in with the opposite polarity
  8. Then my Wii stopped working
  9. Then I took apart my Wii
  10. Then it started working, without me doing anything