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I'm just an above-average end user who helps out on the forums, where I tend to stick to Getting Started.

Confessions of a Wii Softmodder

I feel I have become...addicted to Wii homebrew. It has gotten to a point where I browse, it's forums, Hackmii, or other news sites for anything interesting in this area, several times a day. I want to see new homebrew games I'll never play, exploits I don't even need, or utilities I couldn't even begin to understand how to use. When something new is introduced I immediately investigate it and try to learn everything I can about it, even if I don't need it. I even feel compelled to what is seen to the right of this screen...I must use all I can find...

If only there were some way to satisfy this addiction. Wait, I've just realized how, and that is to beg! Programmers, authors, hackers, never give up and never get bored. Continue pushing your limits and realize new concepts...please?

I think it's appropriate to have least I would hope so.