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An early idea to develop "Jewel Thief", a game similar to this: but with more functionality, VS modes, online gameplay, guns and mario?


Given that there are many flash versions of this out there which will no doubt work with the wiimote, I might not be bothered to go ahead with this!

Initial Concept

User has 3 men (lifes) to clear the game. Using the wiimote you have to gather to items while dodging the guards. If caught by a guard you loose a man (life) and all items are returned to their starting points and the level starts again. All items must be cleared to pass the level.

Extending Original Gameplay

The original idea is quite simple, so here are a few ideas to extend on it. I'm not saying that all of these would make it into the final game, tho without any of them I don't suppose there's any point in me bothering.

Walls (and electric walls)

Give extra structure to the maps, imagine it to be more like pacman in this sense, with pacman being controlled by a wiimote, and walls possibly electrocuting pacman (a bit like a wire buzzer game).

Black Holes

Instant death if you hit one!


Hidden/timed items with extra points

Kill the Guards

Give users a gun with limited bullets? possibly operated by a second wiimote? objectives could be extended to kill all guards as well as collecting the items.

Other Ideas

User Content

import custom levels from a folder on the SD card.

Game theming

allow users to set images for: bricks/blocks, items, characters, etc. Could allow for things like mario themes?

Online Leaderboard

Using something like: Navarr's WiiBrew Internet API, have leaderboards for completion time and highest scores.

VS mode

Race to collect the items before the other users, possible have specific colours to collect??

Online VS mode

As "VS mode", but online!

Online Battle mode

As "Online VS mode" but with guns... see "Kill the Guards"

Stupid Ideas

Include possibilities to play pong, brick game etc in the background while playing the main game? yea right!


At the moment the game is in early development stages so its all to play for!

If you want to design some images, logos, sounds, help with coding or anything, then please contact here.


Testers are not required at this moment in time.

Please watch the page though if you are interested in future announcements.