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* static guards (enemies)
* static guards (enemies)
* scoring
* scoring
* loose lives
* lose lives
* gameovers
* game over
* level complete
* level complete
* game complete
* game complete

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Jewel Thief type game for the wii, controlled with the wiimote, with custom levels, VS modes, and online functionality.

Back Story

You are "Rex Simpleton" the world famouse adventurer and lady boy.

You've just received news that your sister has been taken captive by your arch nemesis, "Gil Murchular". To save your sister, you and your 2 brothers Max and Tex will have to venture on a quest for the world famouse jewel "The Pooping Monkey" as demanded by Murchular.

The only problem is, that no body know where it is in the world and it could just be a myth.

Game Explained

  • User has 3 men (lifes) to clear the game.
  • Using the wiimote you have to gather items while dodging the guards or by defeating them by using power ups if found.
  • If caught by a guard you loose a man (life) and all items are returned to their starting points and the level starts again.
  • If all 3 men are caught its game over
  • All major items must be cleared to pass the level.
  • On Passing a level all captured men are freed (start again with 3 lifes).
  • Each item is worth various amounts in $, you need to collect a total of $100,000,000 to pay the ransom fee and save your sister (finish the game).
  • On completing all levels in a stage you must defeat the boss to get to the next stage.


Current Version



2008-06-16 - 0.0.2
    jewels and items,
    ability to collect jewels
2008-06-14 - 0.0.1:
    working menu/splash, character wiimote icon
2008-06-11 - Core Programming: 
2008-06-09 - Initial Development: 
2008-06-06 - Concept and planning:

Project Roadmap

The roadmap shows the current plan of action, versions mentioned within will be released for testing either on invite basis or public beta (where mentioned). If no dates are mentioned then they are presumably not known at this time.

pre releases


  • Text Menu System
  • Wiimote activity

alpha releases


  • Simple splash screen
  • small initial game, includes some graphics, no enemies and limited items


  • static guards (enemies)
  • scoring
  • lose lives
  • game over
  • level complete
  • game complete
  • credits


  • moving guards
  • timed gameplay
  • extra levels

beta releases


  • intelligent guards (will chase you a little?)
  • more levels


  • splash screens in between levels (story mode)


  • Scoreboard


  • more levels
  • ending sequence


  • polish levels graphics, splash screens, code tidying and error solving

may never see the light of day releases


  • boss levels
  • jewel thieves, enemies who catch jewels
  • powerups (ability to shoot other thieves/enemies)


  • Arcade mode (constant loop of random levels with only 3 lives).
  • arcade mode scoreboard


  • Online scoreboard (game completion and arcade mode).


  • VS Battle Mode
  • VS Arcade Mode

full release


  • Online VS Arcade Mode
  • Online VS Battle Mode


For information on testing, collaborating or other general ideas for the project, see the User_talk:Jamesdodd/Jewel Thiif page