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Basic Usage

The following section includes the very basic usage of the Wiimote.

If you are using the Wiimote, no matter what, you always need to have this line in your file:

#include <wiiuse/wpad.h>
//This simple line allows your program access to everything available (in LibWiiuse)  for the Wiimote.

Initializing the Wiimote

In order to turn on and use the Wiimote, you need to add this line (at least once) in your program:

// This will turn on and allow you to use the Wiimote.

Disconnecting the Wiimote

If you want to, you can disconnect the Wiimote when you are done using it. This can be done by:

// This will stop all data being transferred between the Wiimote and the Wii. (Not required)
// This will turn off all connected Wiimotes.

Wiimote Features

Using the Buttons

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