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*Not yet released - coming very soon (I promise!)*

What is it?

Wii Homebrew Manager is a GUI tool to allow easy management of homebrew apps for the average user.

Apps can be copied between the PC and inserted removable media, and 'installed' from zip archives directly into your application library.

An online application listing (not yet complete) will allow download and installation of apps from within the application.

Why is it needed?

We all know running homebrew apps on the Wii is really cool, and presents many interesting opportunities for some interesting and useful apps and games.

For technical users such as developers, copying apps and content to media etc is second nature, but for more novice users who might wish to try homebrew, a simple, easy-to-use (and mostly idiot-proof) method of managing homebrew will open up the potential userbase for homebrew apps.

Technical Details

Homebrew Manager is a .NET app, so will run fine on Windows, and MacOS and Linux via Mono.

For windows users, it will be made available as a ClickOnce app, so installation will literally be a one-click affair.

Full source code will be made available from the project homepage (still under construction - coming soon)


Hbmanager dev screenshot.jpg