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{{Userbox motionplus|1}}
{{Userbox motionplus|1}}
{{Userbox wifi}}
{{Userbox wifi}}
{{Userbox DS Lite|1}}

Latest revision as of 05:15, 20 April 2010

Canada.png This user lives in Canada.

fr This user is a native speaker of French.
C++ This user codes in C++.
Linux thumb.png This user develops using Linux.
Developer icon.png
This user has developed homebrew for the Wii.

Wii This user is running System Menu 4.1 on their Wii.
WiiMC This user uses WiiMC to play media on their Wii.
Userbox homebrew channel.png This user has installed the Homebrew Channel version 1.0.6 on their Wii.

BootMii This user has installed BootMii on their Wii.
Bomb icon.png
This user used Bannerbomb to install homebrew.
2 Wii Remotes This user owns 2 Wii Remotes.
Nunchuck alternative.svg This user owns 2 Nunchuks.
Wii MotionPlus This user owns 1 Wii MotionPlus unit.
Wi-Fi This user uses Wi-Fi.
DS Lite Icon.jpg This user owns 1 Nintendo DS Lite.