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My current active projects are:

  • GuitarsOnFire -- A GuitarHero clone. Guitarfun is a worthless laggy POS. And FretsOnFire does not work on the Wii, not to forget it lacks features I like. So I'm building my own.
  • BootMiiSplash -- The main reason why I have bootmii as installed as Boot2 is to boot directly to the HBC. I've compiled mini and the ppcstub code myself, and that currently allows me to boot directly to the HBC (without any timeout). I'm working on loading a splashscreen from a PNG file, and show that. It should be just a small and simple replacement for the bootmii files on your SD card. I rather make as little NAND modifications to my wii as possible, so HBC and BootMii as Boot2 as the only changes I want.

I've worked on:


  • Pyro is my trusted minion.=D