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| peripherals = {{wiimote1}} {{internet}} {{frontSDHC}}
| peripherals = {{wiimote1}} {{internet}} {{frontSDHC}}
anyone wanna help? /b/
#MiSQL Is A PostgrSQL Clone To Prove A Wii Is Capable Of Running A PostgrSQL Database, It Is Planned To Be Written in C, And Will Be A App Available For Download.
I Will Add in So It Can Be Downloaded Via The [[Homebrew Browser]].
== Developers ==
# So Far It Is Only Me And Cboomf, Apply by PM'ing Calthephenom On Either Wii Brew, [http://www.youtube.com/calthephenom Youtube],[http://www.techhsupportforum.com Tech Support Forum]
== Open Sourceness ==
#The MiSQL SQL Server Will Be Open Source, If Anyone Can Try Doing A Build Off Of The PostrgrSQL Source Code, And Uploading It To Sourceforge, it will be very greatly appreciated , And You Will Be Listed In The Credits
== Source  ==
*Q? Is This Project Open Source?
*A? Yes, You Can View It At Its Sourceforge Page
*Q? If I Contribute, Will I Be Listed In The Credits
*A? Yes, And If You Do Enough, You Will Be Listed As A Creator

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Wiimote1.svg Internet Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot

anyone wanna help? /b/