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== [[Wiibrew FAQ|FAQ]] ==
#REDIRECT [[Main_Page]]
* Can it load files from the internal SD slot?
* Can I load GameCube homebrew with this?
::Not directly. Though you can use the [[Wii Gamecube Homebrew Launcher]] once you've got your Wii ready for homebrew.
* What about if I use doltool or dol2elf?
::No. These tools merely change the container file format, it does not convert between GameCube/Wii code.
* Does this work with the new v3.4 update?
::Yes. At the moment, 3.4 does not properly block the latest version of Twilight Hack, but updating is still not recommended if you can avoid it.
* Can we use games other than Zelda to achieve the same effect?
* What about our current saves?
::There's no easy way to merge saves between files.  Use the Twilight Hack to install the [[Homebrew Channel]], then copy your old savefile back into place.
Main FAQ Page: [[Wiibrew FAQ]]
==Known bug==
*After you load the save, the Wii Remote pointer may move to the bottom of the screen and stay there. It is purely a cosmetic bug and does not affect operation. The Wiimote pointer will return to normal after a reboot.

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