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Touhou Fangame is a homemade version of Touhou for the Wii. It is written from scratch with images from the internet, GRRLIB 1.6 and Sndlib.

Touhou is a danmaku shooter praised for being difficult, beautiful. This attempts to replicate all those things. The second beta release is out! Enjoy the beautiful danmaku-ness of the Touhou Fangame!

Latest download is always here: http://www.iwconfig.net/~squidman/wii/Touhou.zip If you are looking for a specific release, check the releases section.

That zip contains 3 more zips, one for the ­HBC, one with the source, and one more with special tools I wrote to assist me in writing this.


These are things YOU can do to help the development of this program.


Well, I would greatly appreciate if someone could make a new level 1 background, preferably a very tall one so I don't have to use this crappy, half-ass scrolling of mine.


Some new music would be nice, but this is low priority, because I can find my own music. They must be in MOD format.

Sound Effects

Sound Effects would be pretty nice. Some sound effects currently needed are: Enemy defeat, firing, enemy firing.


Anybody willing to help me convert to GRRLIB 3.0 would be greatly appreciated.

More requests will come later. Please post all submissions in the talk page.


Beta 1: http://www.iwconfig.net/~squidman/wii/TouhouBeta1.zip

Beta 2: http://www.iwconfig.net/~squidman/wii/TouhouBeta2.zip


Controls are subject to change and these may not be the final controls

Button Action
Wiimote B Button Fire (Can be held)
Wiimote A Button Spell Card
Wiimote - Button Slow
Wiimote + Button Pause
Wiimote D-Pad Move
Wiimote HOME Button Quit Game (Suicide all lives)
Button Action
Wiimote A Button Fire (Can be held)
Wiimote B Button Spell Card
Wiimote + Button Pause
Nunchuck Control Stick Move
Nunchuck C Button Slow
Wiimote HOME Button Quit Game (Suicide all lives)
Les Paul
Button Action
Green Fret Button Fire (Can be held)
Red Fret Button Spell Card
Yellow Fret Button Slow
Wiimote + Button Pause
Wiimote D-Pad Move
Wiimote HOME Button Quit Game (Suicide all lives)