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This page is intended to keep track of some vital metadata about various Wii titles. If this makes sense to you, please help expand it; if you don't see the point, please move along.

Title ID Group ID description IOS Version Update partition Notes
RWSE 8P MARIO & SONIC At The OlympicGames 21 BOOT2-64-v2, IOS21-64-v512
RMGE 01 SUPER MARIO GALAXY 33 BOOT2-v2-64, IOS11-64-v10, IOS12-64-v6, IOS13-64-v10, IOS15-64-v257, IOS17-64-v512, IOS20-64-v12, IOS21-64-v514, IOS30-64-v1039, IOS31-64-v1039, IOS33-64-v1040, IOS35-64-v1040, RVL-bc-v2, RVL-Eulav_US-v2, RVL-Forecast_US-v7, RVL-mios-v5, RVL-News-v3, RVL-News_US-v7, RVL-NigaoeNR-v4, RVL-photo-v1, RVL-Rgnsel_US-v2, RVL-Shopping-v7, RVL-Weather-v3, RVL-WiiSystemmenu-v225
RBPE 01 Pokemon Battle Revolution 21 IOS11-64-v10.wad, IOS12-64-v6.wad, IOS13-64-v10.wad, IOS15-64-v257.wad, IOS17-64-v512.wad, IOS20-64-v12.wad, IOS21-64-v514.wad, RVL-Eulav_US-v1.wad, RVL-Forecast_US-v6.wad, RVL-News-v3.wad, RVL-News_US-v6.wad, RVL-NigaoeNR-v3.wad, RVL-Rgnsel_US-v1.wad, RVL-Shopping-v6.wad, RVL-Weather-v3.wad, RVL-WiiSystemmenu-v193.wad, RVL-bc-v2.wad, RVL-mios-v4.wad, RVL-photo-v1.wad
RY2E 41 Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 21 BOOT2-64-v2, IOS21-64-v514