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Made from scratch.


Presently at version 1.0 of the game, the following has been implemented.

  • Well made sprite
  • Audio
  • Fade functions on GRRLIB 3.0

The game is controlled by moving an on screen cursor.

The value under the cursor is set with "X" or "O" depending on the type of game you have chosen on menu.

If desired, the user may reset the game at any time pressing the '+' button.


Wiimote1.svg Action
Wiimote D-Pad Control navigation
Wiimote 1 Button Start game with "X"
Wiimote 2 Button Start game with "O"
Wiimote A Button Mark the cell
Wiimote + Button Reset the game (exiting to menu)
Wiimote HOME Button Exit to loader


Credit where credit is due..

Everybody in the homebrew scene

libraries used

  • libogc/libfat
  • pngu/libpng

Photoshop was used to create all graphics.

devkitPro was used to build the program.

Coming soon

Have any ideas ? e-mail me at: bmic.universitando@gmail.com