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The HOMEbrew Menu Standard Library is a simple code library that allows developers to easily incorporate a HOME menu similiar to Nintendos into their applications.

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The HOMEbrew Menu Standard Library Compiled - Download

The HOMEbrew Menu Standard Library Source - Download

Demonstration Application - Download

Demonstration Application Source - Download


Extra Artwork/Data Pack (Includes International Artwork) - Download

Extra Artwork/Data Pack (Only English) by InfernoZeus - Download

The Main Features of the Library

  • Allows the user to return to the loader or the system menu
  • Allows the user to reset or shutdown his/her Wii
  • Displays sprites for up to 4 connected wiimotes
  • Displays which wiimotes are synced to the Wii
  • Displays if the balance board is synced to the Wii
  • Open Source

Incorporating the library into your programs

  1. Place libhbmenu.a into your libs folder (which should be somewhere in your devkitPRO directory)
  2. Place hbmenuhead.h into your include folder (which should be somewhere in your devkitPRO directory)
  3. Add the line -lhbmenu in your makefile under LIBS:
  4. Add the line #include <hbmenuhead.h> wherever neseccary in your code.
  5. Place the artwork into your project's data folder and place a rule for compiling .pngs into buffers in your makefile or just include the provided build files into your projects build folder.


At the moment, The HOMEbrew Menu Standard Library is only compatible with programs that use libwiisprite. However, several ports are underway in order to widen compatibility. If you would like to do a port, it would be appreciated if you say so before you do the port, so that the authors (and users) know that the port is underway.


TheLemonMan is working on a port of the library to GRRLIB 4.0

LibPNG Only

LibJPG Only

Unofficial Versions

Place all unofficial of the library here. Unofficial versions will only become official versions only if the original authors decide to make your version the next official version. All unofficial versions must be released open source in order to have a chance at becoming the next official version.

This is not a compiled version, but it is a point of concept moving artwork. (you need java enabled) Link: Here

Legal Stuff

Please be sure to credit the original authors in any unofficial versions of the library you make. You do not have to credit the original authors if you use the library in one of your public programs. However, you may do so if you would like to. Having said that, we would really appreciate if you at least mention that your program uses our library.



NOTE: This screenshot was taken from the demonstration application.


Original concept and design by Pinball Wizard

Artwork by WarpedFlash

Hand Artwork done by drmr.

Coding by Arikado

Special thanks to Tantric for giving linking assistance to Arikado