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| display = Best PAL mode: 480i/p
| display = Best PAL mode: 480i/p
| download = [http://www.auby.no/files/wii/Tetris_1.2.rar v1.2]
| download = [http://www.auby.no/files/wii/Tetris_1.2.rar v1.2]
| peripherals = {{GCNController}}

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Tetris Wii is a small Tetris clone for the Wii with the basic Tetris features, and a two-player mode (TODO: Get more about the two player mode).


  • Accessories needed: GameCube controller
  • Button to return to loader: L (or R)
  • Loaders useable: Zelda Chainloader
  • Installation for Zelda Chainloader: Install as usual


  • A: Rotate
  • Left/Right on analogue stick and d-pad: Move piece left/right
  • Down on analogue stick: Soft drop
  • Down on d-pad: Hard drop
  • Start/Pause: Pause
  • L: Return to loader
  • R: Return to loader


  • 1.2:
    • Wii build available
    • Standard Tetris piece specifications
    • Standard Tetris speed specifications
    • Two player tweaks
    • Menu tweaks
    • SD and USB Gecko reload support
    • Instant drop (down button)
    • Rotate in first position
    • Source code
  • 1.1:
    • Added pause for single and multiplayer.
    • Some minor (non-noticable for most people) bugfixes.
    • Added exit from two-player.
    • Single-player pause: start
    • Two-player pause: start on both controllers at the same time
    • Exit in two-player: Z on both controllers at the same time
  • 1.0:
    • Menu system
    • Configurable options
    • Two player splitscreen
    • Tetris music


Binary and sources: http://www.auby.no/files/wii/Tetris_1.2.rar

Unofficial version 1.2 With Wiimote by SquidMan: http://otokoyariika.vectorfive.net/wii/Wiimotetris1.2.zip

  • NOTE: When loaded, you will see a black screen. You need to sync your wiimote there... Also I was too lazy to get 2 player working, so i removed the 2 player option... Created this new version of Wiimotetris, adds a sensitivity option, and fixes the pausing glitch. Also new music was added in addition... access by hitting minus in game. Win and lose vibrate the remote. New link is http://otokoyariika.vectorfive.net/wii/Wiimotetris1.2.1.zip