What is that

This is yet another Tetris, but you can put your own sounds and graphics by editing the res/tetris.xml file. The Default skins are Keithris featuring Talking Classics' Keith Apicary (Screw Attack), and a classic skin named Russia.

Adding a skin

Edit the tetris.xml file and add images and sounds in a subdir of the res directory. the skin directory's name must be in uppercase.

Submit skins

... if you want to

Change log


First release


Blocks have there own picture

In game right menu have a background

Totals of lines

Screen a little wider for a better menu layout

Fill with blocks on game over

Intro played only once, music put to the intro and voice to selection menu

Rotation to left and right (using a new rotate algorithm)

Mirror mode

Better control response (technically, by updating the game speed timer instead of moving the block down on key down pressed)

skin directory can now be in lowercase in the xml file (not the actual directory)

Corrected a bug that miscounted lines when 2 single line where completed



Tetris play around

Now that I have finished the tetris code, I'll play around with it by release here some alternative version


A crossover between tetris and mario bros


A binary tetris. [1]

Features :

  • Only 0 and 1
  • Give headache