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<!--{{Merge|{{{1}}}|date={{{date|}}}}} begin-->{{ambox
| type  = merge
| type  = move
| image = [[Image:Merge-arrows.svg|Merge arrows]]
| image = [[Image:Merge-arrows.svg|Merge arrows]]
| text  =  It has been suggested that this {{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}|page|article}} or section be [[Help:Merging and moving pages|merged]] with ''[[:{{NAMESPACE}}:{{{1}}}|{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}|{{NAMESPACE}}:}}{{{1}}}]]''. ([[{{{discuss|{{{2|:{{NAMESPACE}} talk:{{PAGENAMEE}}}}}}}}|Discuss]])}}<includeonly>{{
| text  =  It has been suggested that this {{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}|page|article}} or section be merged with ''[[:{{NAMESPACE}}:{{{1}}}|{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}|{{NAMESPACE}}:}}{{{1}}}]]''. ([[{{{discuss|{{{2|:{{NAMESPACE}} talk:{{PAGENAMEE}}}}}}}}|Discuss]])}}
<includeonly>[[Category:Pages to be merged|{{PAGENAME}}]]</includeonly><noinclude>
|Help|Help talk|Portal|Portal talk|Wikipedia|Wikipedia talk=[[Category:Items to be merged|{{PAGENAME}}]]
|Category|Category talk|Image|Image talk|MediaWiki|MediaWiki talk|Template|Template talk|User|User talk=
|#default={{#if: {{{category|}}}||[[Category:Articles to be merged{{#if: {{{date|}}} | &#32;since {{{date}}} }}|{{PAGENAME}}]]
<!-- Add categories and interwikis to the /doc subpage, not here! -->
}}}}</includeonly><!--{{Merge}} end--><noinclude>{{documentation}}</noinclude>

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[edit] Template documentation

This template places articles in Category:Pages to be merged.


{{Merge|Name of article to be merged with}}