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{{Infobox usershomebrewapplist
| title       = 
| image       = [[Image:name of screenshot.png|200px]]
| desc        = 
| type        = Loader/Emulator/Game/Media/OS/Utility/Math/Demo
| license     = GPL/etc
| author      = 
| display     = PAL only, NTSC only, Supports widescreen
| version     = 
| download    = 
| source      = 
| website     = 
| peripherals = Choose from list below
| hbc         = 1 <!-- Only if "Full" HBC Support (boot.elf/boot.dol,meta.xml, and icon.png) -->
| hbb         = 1 <!-- Only if downloadable via the Homebrew Browser -->
| dangerous   = 1 <!-- For applications that have a strong potential for bricking Wiis -->
| caution     = 1 <!-- For applications that may damage Wiis -->


Please keep icons in this order.

Icon Template
Wiimote1.svg {{Wiimote1}}
WiiMote2.svg {{Wiimote2}}
Wiimote3.svg {{Wiimote3}}
Wiimote4.svg {{Wiimote4}}
Nunchuck alternative.svg {{Nunchuck}}
Wiimoteplus.svg {{MotionPlus}}
ClassicController.svg {{ClassicController}}
WiiBalanceBoard.svg {{WiiBalanceBoard}}
WiiSpeak.svg {{WiiSpeak}}
Les Paul Controller {{LesPaul}}
Wii Zapper {{WiiZapper}}
Wii Wheel {{WiiWheel}}
GameCube Controller {{GCNController}}
USB Keyboard {{USBKeyboard}}
DVD Drive {{WiiDisc}}
Loads files from the Front SD slot {{FrontSD}}
SD Gecko {{SDGecko}}
GameCube Memory Card {{GCNMemoryCard}}
USB mass storage device {{USBMSD}}
USBGecko2.svg {{USBGecko}}
Bluetooth {{Bluetooth}}
Local WiFi {{WiFi}}
Internet {{Internet}}
Nintendo DS {{DSCon}}