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Infobox homebrewapp/de
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Kategorie {{{type}}}
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{{Infobox homebrewapp/de
| title       = 
| image       = [[Image:name of screenshot.png|200px]]
| desc        = 
| type        = Loader/Emulator/Game/Media/OS/Utility/Math/Demo
| license     = GPL/etc.
| author      = 
| display     = 
| version     = 
| download    = 
| source      = 
| website     =
| peripherals = 
| hbc         = 1 <!-- Only if "Full" HBC Support (boot.elf/boot.dol,meta.xml, and icon.png) -->
| hbb         = 1 <!-- Only if downloadable via the Homebrew Browser -->

Note: If your application requires the use of a specific version of IOS, please use the IOS Warning Template as well.

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