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{{Icon templates}}
{{Icon templates|nocat=1}}
===Veja também===
===Veja também===

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{{Infobox homebrew/pt-br
| title       = 
| image       = [[Image:nome da imagem.png|200px]]
| type        = Ver lista abaixo
| author      = 
| maintainer  = 
| contributor = 
| portedby    = 
| version     = 
| licence     = GPL/etc
| download    = 
| website     = 
| discussion  = 
| source      = 
| peripherals = Ver lista abaixo
| hbb         = yes <!-- Só se você pode baixá-lo no Homebrew Browser -->


media player / utility / operating system / math / arcade game / board game / card game / game engine / music game / platform game / puzzle game / role playing game / shooting game / simulation game / trivia game / other game / console emulator / handheld emulator / arcade emulator / computer emulator / loader / system tool / pc utility / demo


Icon Template Clarification
WiiDrawing.svg {{Wii}} If Wii buttons such as Reset are used
Wiimote.svg {{Wiimote}} If Wiimote is held upright
WiimoteHorizontal.svg {{WiimoteHorizontal}} If Wiimote is held horizontally
Wiimote1.svg {{Wiimote1}} If app has support for one player
WiiMote2.svg {{Wiimote2}} If app has support for two players
Wiimote3.svg {{Wiimote3}} If app has support for three players
Wiimote4.svg {{Wiimote4}} If app has support for four players
SensorBar.svg {{SensorBar}} If Wiimote infrared camera is used
Nunchuck alternative.svg {{Nunchuk}} If Wii Nunchuk is used
Wiimoteplus.svg {{MotionPlus}} If Wii MotionPlus is used
ClassicController.svg {{ClassicController}} If Wii Classic Controller is used
WiiBalanceBoard.svg {{WiiBalanceBoard}} If Wii Balance Board is used
WiiSpeak.svg {{WiiSpeak}} If Wii Speak is used
Les Paul Controller {{LesPaul}} If Guitar controller is used
Wii Zapper {{WiiZapper}} If Wiimote infrared camera is used for shooting purposes and nunchuk is used

In this case, do not use {{SensorBar}}

Wii Wheel {{WiiWheel}} If Wiimote is held horizontally and "steered"
Wii U GamePad {{WiiUGamePad}} If Wii U GamePad is used
GameCube Controller {{GCNController}} If GameCube Controller is used
USB Keyboard {{USBKeyboard}} If USB Keyboard is used
USB Mouse {{USBMouse}} If USB Mouse is used
DVD Drive {{WiiDisc}} If app reads Wii Optical Discs (not DVDs)
DVD {{DVD}} If app reads DVDs
Loads files from the Front SD slot {{FrontSD}} If app reads and writes to Front SD
Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot {{FrontSDHC}} Same as {{FrontSD}}, but with SDHC support
SD Gecko {{SDGecko}} If app reads and writes to SD Gecko
GameCube Memory Card {{GCNMemoryCard}} If app reads and writes to GameCube memory card
USB mass storage device {{USBMSD}} If app reads and/or writes to USB flash drive
USBGecko2.svg {{USBGecko}} If app transmits data via USB Gecko
Bluetooth {{Bluetooth}} If Wii's Bluetooth functionality is used
Local WiFi {{WiFi}} If app connects to wireless local area network
Internet {{Internet}} If app connects to internet
Nintendo DS {{DSCon}} If Nintendo DS can connect to Wii using app

Veja também