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Tanks is a Tank Battle Game similar to the one that comes with WiiPlay


I'm not responsible if something bad happens to your wii after running this homebrew program
I made my best effort to make sure that there are no critical bugs in the code.
If you want to check the source yourself, send me a mail to
novalkar at gmail dot com xor grilloh at live dot cl


2008/06/28 v0.3a is out, this version is still a POC, but with a lot of bugs fixed and nunchuck support
2008/06/09 v0.1a is out, you can play a 4 player deathmatch, the one who scores 10 kills wins



  • Updated to GRRLIB 3.0.1a
  • Fixed bullet coloring Bug
  • Fixed Tank coloring
  • Spanish/English language detection (thx roto)
  • Added Nunchuck Support
  • Still POC


  • Basic Gameplay implemented
  • POC


Till v1.0

  • ReWrite source to C++ & OO
  • Get better images
  • Make Menus
  • Walls
  • Sound, music
  • Custom maps

Planned Future Features

  • More Game modes (team vs night mode)
  • 8 player support (wiimotes & gc controllers)
  • Custom tanks
  • PowerUps
  • Lan/Internet battle support
  • Ai


Wiimote Wiimote + Nunchuck
Button Action Button Action
Wiimote D-Pad Left Rotate Nunchuck Control Stick Movement
Wiimote D-Pad Right Rotate
Wiimote D-Pad Up Move Foward
Wiimote D-Pad Down Move Backward
Wii Remote Aim Aim Canon Wii Remote Aim Aim Canon
Wiimote B Button Fire Wiimote B Button Fire


  • I have tested this game only with 2 players, but it should support 4.
  • Now you can change your tank's Color with the D-Pad before the game starts


This game was programed in C using devkitPro r15, GRRLIB, LibOGC and Wiiuse.


  • All programing made by me
  • Testing : Aerthel & Poyo
  • More credits at the end of the game :P