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Discussion - ideas - suggestions...

Put them here!


Just thinking out loud. When everyone starts sending me their user generated backgrounds should we make another page for them?

i think for now stick with this page or a section of the main page... maybe in a much further on release you could set up a system where you can download new backgrounds directly to the wii?


Can you not "market" this as a game engine? Obviously you would have to enable more customisation.

RE: Engine

So are you saying I should change how I word something or change something in the program? Exactly what are you saying?

Nicely done

This is a HUGE improvement over the one you e-mailed me. Maybe simple but I'm sure it took a while. Anyways, I got to test it at a friends house who has a sensor bar (cat chewed through mine--most homebrew is too picky to use my home made ones.) and anyways I'm glad to see that "Wii Shoot In Space" is less of a seizure from the scrolling BG and more of an actual game. It is most certainly a shooting gallery as it has many unique games.--retrotails 05:44, 26 March 2009 (UTC)

Page editing help?

Could someone help me get the release notes under the youtube video on the page, and the youtube video centered? Thanks in advance if anyone helps me :)--Arikado 21:15, 16 June 2009 (UTC)