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Nice work, porting classics over to the wii :) djdynamite123 20.01.09

not a card file -error-

I already download it, download some roms place those on the sd/wiixl/software/card directory , and place the 5200.rom file into the apps/wiixl directory, but I can't launch any Atari 5200 game. -TunaLover

Hmmm... Are you able to successfully launch it via the Atari800 emulator (not on the Wii, on Windows, etc.)? When launching a 5200 game it will normally prompt you to select the type of cartridge it is (you will typically need to select between the 1 or 2 chip 5200 cartridge type). Once you have selected the cartridge type, you need to cold restart it. If this works for you via the standard Atari800 emulator (on Windows, etc.) and doesn't work w/ WiiXL please let me know what version of firmware you have and I will try to reproduce it. Thanks. --Raz0red 19:48, 8 February 2009 (UTC)

What I do step by step -Start emulation -Press HOME -In Select System, I select Atari 5200 -Cartridge management, I tried with both 5200 types -Cold restart with + -I got an Atari screen, then the blue screen say the atari computer has crashed. -TunaLover

P.D. Sadly I never have tried this emulator with another system.