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It's - just a shame that I don't have an IR pointer. Bletotum

Build your own!

Needed components

  • An IR LED, maybe from an old tv remote.
  • Two AA Batteries, most LED run on 3v
  • Momentary button, go harvest from that old radio you have or something
  • Chassis (something to make it a "pointer", so you can actually point with it.

Kind of optional

  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Flux!!! (if you're soldering, this is key to everything!)

Really, you should use these, but you can tape it together, kinda ghetto, but will work, at least temporarily.

Now connect the stuff together

 |   |
 |   # <- button, you can put it on either side
 |   |
 |   \
 |    \
 |     \
 -[]+-[]+ Batteries

I'll put up pics later, and I forgot the no-format tag.

Look at that, it did it automatically :) GizmoTheGreen

Careful though, check your LED's specs first. I haven't seen many IR LEDs that run on 3V; most I know run on 1,2V-1,5V so you can connect them to a single battery and will probably fry them if you connect them to two batteries without a resistor, like shown above. Bg

Use the classic controller's connector

Nyko makes a classic controller piece that adds grips and attaches the wiimote to the back of the classic. You can unscrew the piece that holds the wiimote and use it so you don't have to use duct tape. Odb718

I saw the instructions on the page for the one that is used with - the computer.

And I failed horribly at making the pointer. I'll just buy one from some - one. Bletotum

2nd WiiRemote

Perhaps I missed something in the Video, but what is the need for the second WiiRemote if only one is acting as an infrared camera? All I see you using to interact is the infrared light pen, and not a wii remote.