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So how does one actually load Turbo-CD images? Pointing to the ISO gives a memory error (file too big), and the old .toc/.ogg method isn't even recognized.

It supports the same formats (minus physical media) as Mednafen ( (which it is a port of), primarily bin/cue or iso/cue. --Raz0red 18:16, 17 October 2011 (CEST)

Internal resolution?

First of all, obviously, fantastic work and thank you, this is exactly the kind of thing people enable homebrew for. More to the point, I'm curious what resolution you're rendering to with WiiMednafen. It's just I'm having a horrible time trying to achieve 2:1 or possibly 3:1 pixels, basically anything that avoids unpleasant pixel doubling. I think the Wii is capable of 480 lines, but most of everything uses 456 internally; is this true of WM?

Most of these systems should definitely be able to fit a raw 2x scale into the Wii's resolution, so that's what I've been shooting for, using games that display a checkerboard pattern (basically anything dithered) to achieve square-ish pixels through fine-tuning of the x- and y-scaling. I've been able to achieve some satisfying results, but knowing exactly what I'm working with I can probably do better tweaking the Medna configs manually, assuming you retained the same format.

Thanks for any assistance. Vague Rant 14:57, 4 November 2011 (CET)

Actually, I'm doing a terrible job finding the configs to edit manually. It seems wiimednafen.conf in /wiimednafen is where the defaults are stored, but custom settings seem to be somewhere else that I can't find. Help? - Vague Rant 05:59, 5 November 2011 (CET)