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where can i find the group id?—Preceding unsigned comment added by 10:24, 2008 February 21 (talkcontribs) Adan0s I believe that they are the maker codes, 01 is still Nintendo as always.--henke37 05:36, 21 February 2008 (PST)

Region Select

So there's a hidden "region select" channel? What are the odds of someone writing an app to launch it? I wonder if it's accessible from "maintenance mode"? 21:42, 6 April 2008 (PDT)

...Region Select is the bit which asks you what part of the country you live in. You will have seen it if you have used Everybody Votes, it gives Nintendo an extra bit of info to tally the "who voted most of x from where", and possibly other uses.


I have no idea if this is anything strange, or anything at all (just null data), but when I ran the Title Lister app (just out of interest), I noticed a title, 1-0, identified as IOS0. I couldn't find anything on the matter, either. I did a quick dump of my file system and found the folder /title/00000001/00000000. However, the CONTENT folder contained just a "title.tmd" file, and the DATA folder was empty. Maybe it's just an empty branch that was used for testing out Wii System Updates? Just thought I'd mention it. Please reply if you need to see the TMD file, or you have any insight. I'll make an account later, and will update this comment with my username. Done. --Michaelh 08:03, 27 May 2008 (PDT)

Cleaning up

Wouldn't it be better to remove the region codes and region information from the tables (like e.g. in that row:)

Title ID Description
10001-NxxE Generally, any Nintendo 64 game for NTSC. PAL = NxxP, Japan = NxxJ

The region codes could be in a separate table at the start of the page.

The title database will most likely become less confusing that way. If that's OK with the other editors, I'd like to do as I suggested. I'm waiting for your opinions, though. Helsionium 04:52, 28 May 2008 (PDT)

Considering that more than 200 vc games have been released, I think the list will become a big mess if we just add them keeping this layout. I'd suggest reworking the list like this:

First we should split the tables, keeping one table for each console (a table for nes, one for n64 etc). Then we could remove the "PAL = , Japan = " string and add some columns instead (a "euro/pal" column, a "usa" column...) , leaving only the game title in the "description" column. In each column we would write the game code for that region: if a game has been released in that region but we don't know the code we'd write a "?", if a game hasn't been released in a region we'd write a minus sign "-" (or a n/a)

Here's an example of the result:

10001-Exxx : Neo Geo Games

Title ID Description USA / NTSC Euro / PAL Jap / NTSC Euro-World?
10001-EAJx Metal Slug ? EAJP ? -

10001-Nxxx : Nintendo 64 Games

Title ID Description USA / NTSC Euro / PAL Jap / NTSC Euro-World?
10001-NAEx Paper Mario 64 NAEE NAEP ? -
10001-NAFx F-Zero X ? NAFP ? -

Or, if you think that separated tables aren't a good idea we could change the background color of the rows , like this:

10001-EAJx Metal Slug ? EAJP ? -
10001-Nxxx Generall, any Nintendo 64 game. NxxE NxxP NxxJ NxxL
10001-NAEx Paper Mario 64 NAEE NAEP ? -

The rows colors should match those used in the Wii channel menu (neogeo yellow , snes purple etc) The "Nxxx General" row acts as a separator so i used a white background.

Yeah, I'd say separate tables are the way to go. The table structure you suggested might still be a little too messy and a bit redundant, though. If we just let the region information completely out of the title tables, people would still find what they're looking for. Plus, the table wouldn't get messy when there are special cases (universal titles with the 'A' region code or the few games that have e.g. separate French and German versions). I'd like to also have the hexadecimal title ID in the tables, even though they appear to be nothing more than a hex-representation of the four-letter title IDs. Any comment on this is appreciated, if there are no objections, I'd start on this tomorrow. 12:08, 30 May 2008 (PDT) (Helsionium not logged in)

Ok you're probably right about the layout I suggested... it is a bit too crowded and redundant. If we keep only one column with the codes it will no longer be possibile to figure out if a key is missing because nobody reported it yet or because the specific game is not available for a region... but it doesn't matter much, i guess...

I agree with the addition of the hex equivalent.

So the tables will look like this:

10001-Nxxx : Nintendo 64 Games

Title ID Hex Description
10001-NAEx 10001-4e4145xx Paper Mario 64
10001-NAFx 10001-4e4146xx F-Zero X

0010003-HATE: Nintendo Channel TIK

There is a "\00010003\48415445.TIK" file under the TICKET directory, with the Nintendo Channel ID(HATE) on my Wii. Any ideas on why it's stored under that directory? --PaRaDoX 21:13, 15 June 2008 (CEST)