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Title Directory
1bitInvaders 1bitInvaders
24 Points 24points
3D Maze 3dmaze
Abusimbel Deluxe Profanation.wii
Accio Hacks AccioHacks
Achtung Wii Kurve Achtung_Wii_Kurve
Alarmii Alarmii
Alien Breed alienbreed
Alien Puzzle Wii AlienPuzzleWii
Arcade Jigsaw jigsaw
Another Rock Paper Scissors Game RockPaperScissors_v02
Aspirin aspirin
ArkanoidFWii ArkanoidFWii
AtaWii AtaWii
Automatii automatii
Avoidance Avoidance
Balance Board Pro BBPRO
Balance Board Tools balancetools
Ballion ballion
Balls of Steel balls_of_steel
Barrage barrage
Bash The Castle btc
Beer Belly Bill 3: Grillieren grillieren_wii
bibleQuiz bibleQuiz
Bichejos bichejos
Bit Streamer BitStreamer
blastguy blastguy
BlisterBall BlisterBall
BlueMSX-wii bluemsx-wii
Boot-it boot-it
bootNetflix bootNetflix
bootOpera bootOpera
bootOperaModUSB bootOperaModUSB
BootMii Configuration Editor Bootmii_cfg_ed
Bowfishing Action bowfishing
Box2D Balls Box2DBalls
BrawlStats brawlstats
Brawl+ Updatifier updatifier
Briickout briickout
Briicks Briicks
Bubble Dizzy bdizzy
Bugiin bugiin
BuscaWiinas buscawiinas
Categorii categoriiX
C-Dogs SDL cdogs-sdl
Centipede centipede
CharioMan CharioMan
Chat Noir Wii ChatNoirWii
CheatManager cheatmanager
Cherophobe Cherophobe
Chess chess
Christmas Countdown ChristmasCountdown
Christmas Type Adventure Time adventure
ChunkMunch ChunkMunch
cIOS Installer cIOSInstaller
ColEm colem
Cobra Arcade CobraArcade
CodeDownloader codedownloader
CombatWii CombatWii
ComixChannel ComixChannel
Console Shooter ConsoleShooter
CosmoRaketti CosmoRaketti
Crazy Blocks crazyblocks
Cubicle Shooter CubicleShooter
Cubiic cubiic
Cylinder Dodge CylinderDodge
Da ShAmAn da-shaman
Dance Clone DanceClone
Dario Dario
DarkCube DarkCube
Death Star Run DeathStar
Defendguin defendguin
Descent descent
Desert Bus desert_bus
DeSmuME Wii DeSmuMEWii
Disk Drive Light DiskDriveLight
DontGetCrushed DontGetCrushed
DopeWars Wii dopewars
DOSBox wii-ports dosbox
DOSBox Wii dosbox-wii
Double Dash Wii wiiddash
DragonMedia Player dmp
DrawingBox DrawingBox
Duck Hunt duck_hunt
Dungeons dungeons
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup DCSS
DVDx Installer dvdinst
DVDx Installer for System Menu v3.4 dvdinst34
EndlessMazeGame EMG
Engine02 r9 e02wii
ExistenzE ExistenzE
FCE Ultra GX fceugx
FCE Ultra GX Channel Installer fceugx-channel-installer
Fire fire
FireWii firewii
FiSSION Engine Project FiSSION
FlipEm FlipEm
Flying saucer flying_saucers
FMyLife FMyLife
Freecell freecellwii
Freespace 2 Wii Freespace2
Fridge Magnets FridgeMagnets
Frodo frodo
ftpii ftpii
FUSE fuse
Gamecube Saver Sd2gc
Garnatron garnatron
GCBooter GCBooter
GCMM gcmm
GeaVsCodos GeaVsCodos
GeeXboX geexbox
Genesis Plus genplusgx
Giddy 3 giddy3
GiiBii giibii
Goblin's Cube goblin
Gravitii gravitii
Gravity Glide GravityGlide
GRRLIB 4.3.0 Promote Intro GRRLIB-4.3.0-promote
GxGeo gxgeo
Gravity gravity
Guitar Fun guitarfun
GuitarsOnFire GuitarsOnFire
Harmonium Harmonium
Hatari hatari
Headings Headings
Helii helii
Helium Boy helium
Heretic Wii hereticwii
HeroCity HeroCity
Hexen Wii hexenwii
HHexen hhexen
Hex Hex
Hexxagon hexxagon
Hiragana and Katakana Practice HKPractice
Homebrew Disc Loader hdl
Homebrew Filter HomebrewFilter
HOMEbrew Menu Demo HMPreview
Homebrew Sorter homebrew_sorter
Horror Vacui horrorvacui
Headtracking Demo Headtracking
HiivelyPlay HiivelyPlay
Hugo-wii hugo-gx
Hypno Blast HypnoBlast
iiii iiii
Inkpoly inkpoly
Inuit Wars inuit_wars
IOS Check ioscheck
IOS58 Installer ios58-installer
Italian Parking ItalianTraffic
JellyCar Wii JellyCarWii
Jewel Quest JQuest
Jewels jewels
Jumping Jack JumpingJack
jzintvWii jzintvWii
Jumpnbump jumpnbump
Karaokii Karaokii
KeenWii KeenWii
Kidspaint kidspaint
King of Fighters Flames of Courage Kof_BENNU_Wii
Kobo Deluxe kobodl
Komopong Wii komopong_wii
LabClone LabClone-App
Leveltool leveltool
Libmii Example libmii-example
libwiigameload libwiigameload
LifeMii Wii LifeMiiWii
LightsOut lightsout
Liightsout! liightsout
Liqwiid Wars Liqwiid_Wars
loadMii loadmii
Lopan lopan
LPairs LPairs
lsusb lsusb
LuaFWii LuaFWii
Mad Bomber madbomber
MadQuiz MadQuiz
Magic Number magicnumber
MahJongg Wii mahjongg
Mandelbrot mandelbrot
mapBF mapBF
Map Maker mapmaker
MAsteroids masteroids
Matches matches
Matching Cards matching_cards
MazeGenerator MazeGenerator
Maze of Galious Wii mazeofgalious-wii
MegaCodeDownloader MegaCodeDownloader
MegaZeux megazeux
Menu Loader MenuLoader
Meritous meritous
Metronome metronome
Mii Extractor mii-extractor
Mii Installer mii-installer
Minesweeper mine_sweeper
MiniMP3 Player MiniMP3Player
Missile Command missilecommand
Mole mole
MP3+G Player mp3g
MPlayer mplayer
MPlayerWii MPlayerWii
MPlayerWii_rodries MPlayerWii_rodries
MPlayer Christmas Edition mplayer_ce
MTP mtp
My Little Ball MyLittleBall
NanoMechas NanoMechas
NCard NCard
NEC PC-9801 Emulator np2
Neopop Wii neopop
Neopop Wii Unofficial verison by TheStripper neopopwii_TheStripper
NeoTanks NeoTanks
Newo Shooter NewoShooter
Newo Puzzle NewoPuzzle
Nowell santa
NuGaSa NuGaSa
Ocarina Wii Cheating application ocarina
O2Em o2em
ONScripter onscripter
OpenJazz OpenJazz
Open Sram Language Modifier oslm
Pacman (emulator) pacman
Pacline pacline
Paradroid Paradroid
Particle Accelerator particleaccel
PieChart PieChart
Piero's Wiicross wiicross
Piing piing
Pineapple Apocalypse RPG PineappleApocalypseRPG
Pix Dash pixdash
PixelPlot PixelPlot
PlanetHively PlanetHively
PlasmaRaketti PlasmaRaketti
Playstats playstats
Plop! Plop
Plusoumoins plusoumoins
Point and No click PointandNoclick
pomwii pomwii
Pong2 pong2
PongFWii PongFWii
Portii portii
Post'Em PostEm
Powder powder
Powder Toy Wii PowderToy
projectGMC projectgmc
PCSX-Revolution pcsx-revolution
Psycho psycho
PsyKoTrope psykotrope
Puzsion puzsion
PWiictogrid PWiictogrid
Q1Rev Q1Rev
Q2Rev Q2Rev
Quadrax Wii quadrax
Quake GX quake
QUASI88 quasi88
Radian Wars Radian_Wars
RadioFeeds UK & Ireland radiofeeds
RadioFeeds Updater radiofeedsupdater
RaveWild ravewild
RayTracer RayTracer
Rebooter Rebooter
RedSquare RedSquare
REminiscence REminiscence
Resistor Wii resistorwii
Reversmii Reversmii
Revolt Of The Binary Couriers RevoltOfTheBinaryCouriers
Rezerwar rezerwar
Rick Dangerous Wii RickDangerous
Riivolution riivolution
Road Fighter Wii roadfighter-wii
Robo tank robo_tank
Robi robi
Rock Paper Scissors RockPaperScissors
RockBlueMet RockBlueMet
Rokoban Rokoban
Roxoptr2 roxoptr2
SameGame SameGame
Sand Traps sandtraps
Sand Traps Extra sandtrapsextra
Sar sar
Save Extractor save-extractor
Savegame Manager Savegame_Manager
SaveGame Manager GX savegame_gx
Save Installer save-installer
Scape Scape
Schism Tracker schismtracker
Scogger scogger
ScummVM scummvm
SD Explorer sdexplorer
SDL MAME Wii sdlmame-wii
Senet senet
Shiny Red Tank SRT
Shooter shooter
ShootMii ShootMii
ShutMiiReboot ShutMiiReboot
signCheck signCheck
Simon simon
Splatter Castle splatter
Smashing Smashing
SMSPlus smsplus
Snake2 snake
Snes9x GX Snes9xGX
SockDreams SockDreams
SpaceBubble SpaceBubble
SpaceInvaders spaceinvaders
SpaceShooter SpaceShooter
Spirits spirits
Star Catching starcatching
StarPlot StarPlot
Stella Wii stella
Still Alive Wii StillAliveWii
Stppwii stppwii
Strobe alarm clock strobe-alarm-clock
Sudoku 2 wiisudoku2
Sudoku sudoku
Sukoban syasokoban
Super Mario War Wii smw-wii
Super Pixel Jumper SuperPixelJumper
Supersonic Wii supersonicwii
Super Star Shooter sssw
Supertuxwii supertux
Swing Ball SwingBall
Syobon Action syobon-action
SysCheck SysCheck
SysCheck GX sysCheckGX
Szigoy szigoy
Tanks Tanks
Teeter Torture teetertorture
TelesketchFWii TelesketchFWii
TetriCycle TetriCycle
Tetris Tetris
Tetris Custom TetrisCustom
Tetrominos Tetrominos
Tetwiis tetwiis
Texas Hold'em Poker Wii thpoker-wii
That Other Pong ThatOtherPong
The Castles of Dr. Creep drcreep
TheProphecy TheProphecy
The Powder Toy Wii ThePowderToy
The Ur-Quan Masters uqm
TheUntitledProject TheUntitledProject
The Video Game TheVideoGame
They Do Not Die TheyDoNotDie
ThreePointO ThreePointO
TicTacToe TicTacToe
TickTockCarRace TickTockCarRace
TickTockTankFight TickTockTankFight
TimeFrack2D TimeFrack2D
Timeless timeless
Toddtris toddtris
TopEdit Topedit
Touhou Fangame Touhou
TowerDefense TowerDefense
TrailBlazers TrailBlazers
Trinary Trinary
Trojan Wii TrojanWii
Turnip turnip
TwoPointFive TwoPointFive
txt-read txt-read
TxtEd txted
TxtEd Mod txted_mod
UAE uae
UFO Racer UFORacer
Uschtris uschtris
VBA GX vbawii
VBA GX Channel Installer vbagx-channel-installer
Vectoroids vectoroids
VectrexWii vecxwii
Vigoroth le livreur vig
WakeMiiUp WakeMiiUp
Warheads : Scorched Earth WarHeads
We Are Nowhere WeAreNowhere
Wii2600 wii2600
Wii64 wii64
Wii7800 WII7800
WiiApple wiiaple
Wii Bash Wii_Bash
Wiibreaker Wiibreaker
Wii Breakout breakout
WiiBServer wiibsrvr
Wiicalc wiicalc
wiicm wiicm
WiiColEm wiicolem
WiiConnect wiiconnect
WiiDoom WiiDoom
Wii Double Down wiidoubledown
WiiFont Release Demo wiifont_release_demo
WiiEarth WiiEarth
WiiEngine wiiengine
Wiiero Wiiero
WiiFortune fortunes
Wiihttpd wiihttpd
Wii Handy SDL wiihandysdl
wiilax-minitro wiilax-minitro
WiiLander wiilander
WiiLife WiiLife
wiilight wiilight
WiiMarel WiiMarel
WiiMC wiimc
WiiMC Channel Installer wiimc-channel-installer
WiiMotionDemo WiimoteDemo
WiiMPC wiimpc
Wii MFE Port mfe-wii
WiiNetPuzzle WiiNetPuzzle
Wii-Tac-Toe Wii-Tac-Toe
Wii Web Server wiiwebserver
Winterman winterman
WiiOperation operation
WiiPaint WiiPaint
WiiPeng wiipeng
WiiPhysics WiiPhysics
WiiPoker WiiPoker
WII Pong WiiPong
WiiQix wiiqix
Wii Quizz WiiQuizz
WiiRadio radiow
wiireader wiireader
Wii Recipe WiiRecipe
WiirtualBoy wiivb
Wiiship wiiship
Wii Shooting Gallery WiiShootingGallery
Wii Solitaire wiisolitaire
Wii Squarez wiisquarez
WiiStrobe WiiStrobe
Wiitch wiitchdl
Wiitriis Wiitriis v1.01
Wiitube wiitube
Wiituka wiituka
WiiWhiteboard wiiwhiteboard
Wii Update File Extractor wufe
WiiX-Ball WiiX-Ball
WiiXL wiixl
WiiXplorer WiiExplorer
Wmlflash wmlflash
Wolfenstein 3D Wii Wolfenstein_3D_Wii
X and O(Learn From Code Edition) X_O
Xav Shooter xavshooter
Xeempongwii xeem_pong_wii
Yabause Wii yabause
Yabause (Ac_K) yabause_ac_k
YahtzWii YahtzWii
YOG yog
Zelda Classic 1.90 Wii via DosBOX zcwii
ZeRace zeRace
Ziip ziip