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Thankyou for this, brings back some old memories, what a classic quality game :) Thankyou for porting this over, also is there anyway of getting up to level 6 as well, as i have them .ck files, many thanx djdynamtite123 13/11/2008

On Steam

Perhaps the page should note that you can buy the first 5 episodes of Keen for $5 on Steam. They package the original games with DOSBox, so you can use those files in Commander K. Wii just fine.

--The MAZZTer 20:02, 13 November 2008 (UTC)

Problem using more than one Keen episode

Is there anybody else encountering problems with using multiple episodes? I'm using original registered files for all of the three episodes. I placed them all in the apps/keenwii/ folder, together with the boot.dol etc. Every episode for it's own runs perfectly, but if copying multiple episodes will take the game to a stuck when displaying the title screen with the "Commander Keen Wii" logo. Any Ideas, how to solve this problem?