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Which IOS

Does this still rely on IOS60? Beegee7730 10:13, 3 July 2009 (UTC)

Yes. — Extrems (talkcontribs) 10:17, 3 July 2009 (UTC)

Ah, so preloader still works? Beegee7730 10:19, 3 July 2009 (UTC)

I doubt it - preloader patches 4.0; a fresh 4.0 (or even 4.1) install overwrites preloader. Not sure if you can install preloader on top of 4.1 Kixy 14:48, 3 July 2009 (UTC)
I am not encouraging an install, but I think Preloader would install fine on 4.1. The Preloader installer does not check for your System Menu version (it installs on 3.3). To work on 4.0, the installer needs to patch IOS60, then do its magic with the System Menu. Same thing will go for 4.1, since it uses the same IOS60. The only issue is there won't be any hacks for a (little) while like removing the health screen warning. --Dialexio 04:12, 5 July 2009 (UTC)
I thought the preloader was supposed to MOVE the system menu in another place. Am I right? If so, then it shall not work with this new update.Sonic4Ever 08:05, 16 July 2009 (UTC)
Well, I believe with a patch or two to the preloader dol, in combination with trucha signing the menu, you would be able to use Preloader. Perhaps even without, if the installer reads the title boot index properly. --WB3000 14:26, 16 July 2009 (UTC)

Apparently ( ), there is a bugfix for Wii Sports Resort. Muzer 21:56, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

Protected Saves

They say protected saves will not copy back, Okay but when a new preloader patch comes it will be possible again right? Although I hear they aren't making any new preloader versions, that doesn't mean someone can't make a new hacks.ini for 4.1 does it? --Cuber 16:21, 5 July 2009 (UTC)

Ask the creator of StartPatch to update for 4.1 (startpatch has all of the hacks of preloader plus the benefit of not installing anything in-front of the system menu) but yes in theory someone could revision a hacks.ini file for 4.1 since preloader will install --Flyguy 23:28, 10 July 2009 (UTC)

"You may not need to update again."

This line in the text block stood out at me: "If you've updated your Wii Menu after 7/15/09, you may not need to update again."

What does that mean? Nintendo isn't going to release any more system menu patches? System patches will download automatically in the future? How mysterious...

Actually, that's in every update message. Its telling you that if you updated after that date, then you probably already have 4.1 and thus don't need to update again. oops_ur_dead 14:55, 16 July 2009 (UTC)