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4.2 update
Date history
Build dateUnknown
Release dateUSA Flag.png September 28, 2009

JAP Flag.png September 28, 2009

EUR Flag.png September 28, 2009

KOR Flag.png September 28, 2009
System Menu IOSIOS70
Version History
Preceded by4.1

Version 4.2 of the System Menu was released on September 28, 2009.


  • Deletes most homebrew.
  • Now uses IOS70. (No Preloader due to that)
  • Wii Shop Channel updated. Use WiiSCU to update the shop channel.
  • Most of the IOS's have been updated or stubbed.
  • Updates your boot2 to boot2v4 (what LU64+'s have). (That means no downgrading of any IOS, and due to that, you can't revert back to your old System Menu. So BootMii as boot2 installed is removed.)

Affected homebrew

Affected Effect Workaround
Bannerbomb Doesn't work. Use Indiana Pwns or Comex's SmashStack beta.
BootMii BootMii will cease to exist. Wait for an update to the HackMii Installer.
Homebrew Channel It is uninstalled with this update. See above.
cIOS Popular piracy cIOS locations are stubs. Don't pirate.
Preloader 0.29 Not loaded any more due to IOS70 being used as the System Menu. Wait for an update.

Message from Nintendo



(If you have redeived this notice before, please disregard the following information.)

Dear Customer,

Nintendo would like to inform you that a Wii Menu Update is now available. Select the UPDATE button on the lower right to update your console. You can also update by selecting Wii SYSTEM UPDATE in the Wii Settings.


When the Wii Menu is updated, unauthorised hardware and/or software monifications may be detected and unauthorised content may be removed as it may damage your console and/or cause interference with game play. Please note that the removal of unauthorised content may lead to immediate or delayed inoperability of your console. Nintendo cannot guarantee that unauthorised software of accessories will continue to function with the Wii console after this of future updates of the Wii Menu.

Note: If you have already updated your Wii console since 29 September 2009, you do not need to update again.


North America


wii menu verison 4.2 is now available for your wii console. to update your wii menu to the latest version, please select the update button at the bottom of the screen or select the system update option in the wii system settings.

this update provides behind-the-scene fixes that will not affect features but will improve the overall system performance.

because unauthorized modifications to save data or program files may impair game play or the wii console, updating to wii menu version 4.2 will also check for and automatically remove such save data or program files.

    • please note: if youve updated your wii menu after 9/29/09, you may not need to update again.

thank you for updating your wii console!



Wiiメニューを更新できます! 右下の「更新」ボタンを押して 本体を更新してください。

より快適にWiiをお楽しみ いただけるよう、動作品質を 改善しました。


通常の使用方法以外の方法で 作成された異常なセーブデータや チャンネル(改ざんされたデータ など)は、お客様のWii本体の故障 の原因となるおそれがあるため、 対策を行っています。 更新後は、異常な部分を含む セーブデータやチャンネルは 自動的に除去される場合が ありますのでご注意ください。 また、未承認ソフトや アクセサリーについて、 更新後の動作を保障できません。 なお、正しくご使用いただいて いる場合は、影響はありません。


※9月29日以降、すでに更新を  行われている方は、改めて  更新していただく必要は  ありません。