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The June 16th update has been reported to delete Twilight Hack, however, it does not seem to do anything to the Homebew Channel yet.

Users are advised not to update until more information is known.

More information at June 16 Wii update

The update is now available in the PAL region as well.

The Wiiboard message from nintendo

Because unauthorized modifications
to save files may impair game play
or the Wii console, updating to Wii
Menu version 3.3 will also check for
and automatically remove such save

The full message can be found here.

Q & A

It says the UPDATE removes any edited save files... can you just recopy the twilight princess hack again?

Nope, you can't, it won't let you copy any edited file.

Will it delete Homebrew Channel?

No, it won't delete it.

Is Homebrew Channel still working?

Some people say yes.

Do you have an estimate on how long it may take till I could update?

Just don't update if you don't want to.

Well guys we won't be FORCED to update till we want to play the next BIG game on the Wii right?

The update isn't critical at this time.