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Author(s)Erik Spyder
[Media:SysCheck Download]
Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot

SysCheck does several checks on installed IOS and cIOS:

 - Trucha Bug;
 - ES_Identify;
 - Flash Access.

SysCheck generates a report on the root of the SD card (sd:/sysCheck.csv).

This Wii Homebrew is a mix between signCheck (by The Lemon Man) and IOSCheck (by Svpe).

sysCheck is based on the work of these projects. All credit goes to those developpers:

   * AnyTitle Deleter
   * DOP-Mii
   * IOS Check
   * Libwiilight
   * Preloader et Priiloader
   * Title Lister
   * USB Loader GX

Even if this application is not dangerous, the author can not be held responsible for any damage it might cause!



Version 1.6.2

   * Automatically detect the language settings (supports english and french only);
   * Improve IOS stubs detection;
   * Recompiled with the latest version of DevkitPro;
   * Code cleanup.

Version 1.6.1

   * Fix BootMii as IOS issue;
   * Improve USB 2.0 detection for Hermes' IOS.

Version 1.6

   * Improve IOS Stubs detection;
   * Improve Fake Signature check;
   * Check for NAND Access;
   * Display Hollywood GPU version;
   * Display Console ID;
   * Display Boot2 version.

Version 1.5

   * Fix IOS202 issue;
   * Improve IOS stubs detection;
   * Error handling corrections;
   * Wii Light is turn on when generating the CSV report;
   * Code cleanup.

Version 1.4

   * Check for USB 2.0 IOS Tree;
   * Display the current date and time in the report;
   * Recompiled with the latest version of DevkitPro;
   * Code cleanup.

Version 1.3 (unreleased)

   * Detect the console region;
   * Error handling corrections.

Version 1.2 (unreleased)

   * Check for Flash Access;
   * Check for Boot2 Access.

Version 1.1

   * Fix IOS stubs detection;
   * Fix IOS revision number displayed on reload;
   * Code cleanup.

Version 1.0

   * Initial public release