Super Star Shooter

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Super Star Shooter is a vertical scrolling shooter. You fly a space-plane and shoot enemies with your weapons to. The game features power ups, hordes of enemies and huge screen-filling bosses. Points are won by shooting enemies, and collection yellow orbs. The gameplay is very fast paced! There are two gamemodes: play for two minutes, and play for 5 minutes. The game is also available for the Gameboy Advance


  Menu In Game
  Move cursor Control the space-plane
  Cancel Fire back (change the speed)
  Accept Fire (you can hold the button)
  Skip the vsync (used to debug) Skip the vsync (used to debug)
  Exit Exit


The developer writes in the readme of the game:

    I don't need your 'DONATE'. However, please give the
    playing impression to me.
    I am weak to English. Don't write the slang word for 
    English and write in an easy word.
    Let's enjoy!, thanks.
    webpage 'MAGiC TOUCH' [ ]
    email [ and § ]

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