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| {{WiimoteDPad}} || || Navigate menus
| {{WiimoteDPad}} || || Navigate menus
| {{ClassicZLButton}} || x || Enter virtual digit / save config
| {{ClassicZLButton}} || {{keypress|X}} || Enter virtual digit / save config
| {{ClassicZRButton}} || e || Save screenshot
| {{ClassicZRButton}} || {{keypress|E}} || Save screenshot
| {{WiimoteHomeButton}} || p || Start game / go to menu
| {{WiimoteHomeButton}} || {{keypress|P}} || Start game / go to menu
[[Category:Homebrew applications]]
[[Category:Homebrew applications]]
[[Category:Homebrew using SDL libraries]]
[[Category:Homebrew using SDL libraries]]

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Author(s)madmanguruman, ledow
TypePuzzle game
[Media:Stppwii_source.zip Source]
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote.svg ClassicController.svg USB Keyboard

This is a preview release of my port of ledow's GP2X SDL port of Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle collection.

ledow was not involved in this endeavor, so please direct any questions to my talk page and not to him.

There are bugs aplenty, and the documentation sucks, but the puzzles are mostly playable. Main issues are mouse droppings here and there. I will improve the documentation shortly; in the mean time you are welcome to mash buttons merrily.

Unzip all to /apps/stppwii and you're good to go.

You will need a classic controller as well as the wiimote. Basic mouse functionality is via the wiimote (a, b, 1/2 for left, right, and middle-click) - classic controller buttons are all used for various functions.

USB keyboard functionality is broken and will be addressed in 0.2.

The music files are huge: get them from here: ledow's site - they are optional of course.

I'm setting up Google Code hosting for this project and will get the source hosted there soon; until then you may download the zip file from here.

If anyone knows why 7-zip upload fails every single time I try it here, please let me know! I'd love to host the files with 7-zip - the executable is too big for regular zip (2 MB limit)...

You will need to include SDL Wii to build the application.


in progress, bear with me...

ClassicController.svg + Wiimote.svg USB Keyboard Action
Wiimote.svg Navigate
Wiimote A Button Left-click
Wiimote B Button Right-click
Wiimote 1 Button Wiimote 2 Button Middle-click
Wiimote D-Pad Navigate menus
Classic ZL Button X Enter virtual digit / save config
Classic ZR Button E Save screenshot
Wiimote HOME Button P Start game / go to menu