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Info: The exploit, dubbed as Bannerbomb and created by Comex, is the only public way to load homebrew applications on a System Menu 4.0 Wii. The exploit works by using a malformed banner to crash the Wii loading the boot.dol placed in the root of the SD card. Currently this exploit does not allow The Homebrew Channel to be installed on a 4.0 Wii due to the fact that its installer was blocked by the update. The Homebrew Channel can still be installed through Bannerbomb on System Menu version 3.X.


What you will need:

1. Nintendo Wii (duh...)

2. SD or SDHC card formatted as FAT16 or FAT32.

  • SDHC only works on System Menu 4.0

3. SD card reader for PC or a PC with one built-in

4. Bannerbomb channel data

5. Some homebrew to load (In this case, the LoadMii)


Wii Menu 4.0

Bannerbomb Alpha

  • For the first time, try "" and, if that doesn't work, continue on to "", etc.

LoadMii - from Google Code

Using Bannerbomb

Data Management

1. Ensure your SD card is formatted as FAT. By default SD cards are formatted as FAT, so if you're not sure you can skip this step.

2. If it has a private directory, rename it temporarily, e.g. to "privateold". Having other saved channels on the same card will screw it up. (Also, if you don't have any channels on the SD card already, it's possible to skip this step so you can keep saves on your SD card)

click SD Card

3. Copy the Bannerbomb "private" folder to the root of your SD card.

4. Take your Wii executable ("boot.dol" from the LoadMii download) and save it in the root directory of your SD card.

5. Put your SD card in your Wii and turn it on.

6. Go into Wii Options --> Data Management --> Channels --> SD Card.

Pop-up box

7. A dialog will pop up saying "Load /boot.dol?" (If it freezes, try the next .zip file from )

8. LoadMii should start. Select the device you want to load homebrew apps from (such as SD card or USB stick)

9. Load your apps and enjoy!

10. (Optional) Fill out Comex's survey on the Bannerbomb site


If it freezes, follow these diagnostics:

  • Make sure you're not trying to use the SD Menu (4.0), or maybe you clicked Savedata instead of Channels. If so, then you're dumb
  • Otherwise, try a different version. The system menu is somewhat unpredictable; while most people should be able to use aad1f, some might need another version. Try the other versions from
  • Also note that it does not work for everyone. This is still being worked on though.


  • If it gives you the dialog but freezes instead of loading the dol, email Comex [ comexk @ gmail dot com ]. Tell him where it froze and whether or not the slot light is on. You might also try removing the disc.
  • If you press "no" when it asks you whether you want to load a dol then it might freeze.
  • It is possible to press the back button "under" the dialog. Make sure you don't do that.


  • What boot.dol do I use and how do I install the Homebrew Channel? The Homebrew Channel installer doesn't work on 4.0. The BootMii installer, which can also install the HBC and DVDX, should supersede it soon. In the meantime, if you just want to run homebrew, you could unzip the dol from Loadmii onto the root of the SD, and get homebrew applications from here.
  • More detailed version: some people have posted YouTube videos about downgrading using a nasty hack, but I don't recommend it. It's dangerous and constitutes copyright infringement. If you want to install the Homebrew Channel, I strongly recommend waiting for the BootMii installer.
  • Which version should I use? Start with aad1f, try the rest in order if it doesn't work (either aad1f or aad20 works for the vast majority of people). It doesn't matter which menu version you have.

Other stuff

Don't use this for warez, pretty please :|

Credit for Bannerbomb

  • bushing, dhewg, segher, etc.
  • CaitSith, Artik and everyone else who tested
  • and last but not least, Igglyboo for testing over 9000 zips for Comex